After Surgery Care in La Canada is Reliable and Affordable


Surgery can be quite costly, so sometimes those who recently undergo surgery don’t think that after surgery care is feasible or even necessary. However, to ensure a speedy recovery, it’s important for patients, who have recently had surgery, to receive the care they need even after they leave the hospital. After surgery, patients will need to rest to recover, but if they have errands to run, meals to prepare, and or housecleaning to do, it may be difficult for them to receive the required rest. A-1 Home Care is stepping in with professional personal care assistants who can provide exceptional after surgery care at an affordable rate.

Whether hourly or live-in care is needed and whether the patient has undergone surgery for hip fracture, knee replacement, cancer, incontinence, or cosmetic surgery, our care providers can assist with a variety of care. They can assist with meal preparation, maintaining a clean incision area at all times, personal hygiene, bathing, toileting, and exercise. A-1 Home Care has been serving the city of La Canada and all throughout Los Angeles County since 1991, and all of our care providers are CPR certified, TB tested, and Live Scan approved.

Call us today for your free quote at 626-287-0250 or at 562-929-8400

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