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A-1 Home Care is a non-medical home care agency that provides a wide range of services seniors, the elderly and anyone in need of extra support and assistance.  Our trained and friendly Home Care Professionals are available on flexible scheduling options for just about any situation.  If your loved one is in need of 1-on-1 attention then it is time to call A-1 Home Care!

With age, many daily tasks we take for granted can become daunting and a challenge.  Activities such as cooking, grooming, bathing can suddenly put our loved ones in danger.  We are to give you peace of mind and Personal Care and attention to your loved ones.

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It is our objective to provide quality and experienced Caregivers in the home (or hospital) to make sure their needs are met.  This may include transportation for medical and social appointments, meal preparation, assisting with exercise or fresh air.  We are here to make life easier.

All of our In Home Care Providers have verifiable professional references  and thoroughly background check before placement.  They maintain active CPR certification and First Aid training.  We specialize in Elder Care Services such as Arthritis Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, After Surgery Care, Cancer Care and more!  We offer Hourly, Live-in and 24 Hour scheduling options.

We accept Long Term Care insurance such as Penn Treaty, John Hancock, CALPERS, MetLife Insurance, Veteran Administration and Bankers’ Life & Casualty.  Call us today at 562-929-8400 or visit our new Pasadena location for more information on how we can help your family now!

Summer Time Child Care in La Canada has Parents at Ease


When summer time hits, sometimes parents have to scramble to see who will be able to watch or care for their children while they are out of school. Summer camps and day care can often be very expensive, and family members or relatives may not always be available during the week. It’s also important that your children are safe and being cared for in a healthy and loving environment, which is sometimes difficult to find. What better place than your own home, but it’s a matter of now finding the right babysitter or nanny for you and your family. The agency with the best nanny and babysitting services is A-1 Home Care.

A-1 Home Care Agency provides babysitting and nanny services in La Canada and the surrounding cities of Altadena, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Los Angeles, and throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County. Our babysitters and nannies are CPR trained, TB tested, passed a criminal background check, and are live scanned approved.

It’s no wonder A-1 Home Care is highly regarded by clients and care professionals alike. The care is personal matching your needs and budget. It’s affordable and trusted care. Nannies are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have both hourly and live-in nannies and babysitters. Call us today for your free quote at 562-929-8400 or at 626-219-6440 or visit our website at

Diabetic Care and Caregiver Service in La Cañada

a-1 home care templecity elder care.jpgFinding out that you or a loved one has diabetes can be a traumatizing issue. It can be difficult to start on a new path to self-care. Worrying about diet, exercise, new medications and doctor visits can be stressful – luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. It is becoming increasingly common to hire caretakers to assist you with all your daily necessities. From keeping track of you medications to preparing meals, caregivers can be an essential part of your daily life.

Diabetes in seniors can present unique challenges but is possible to manage. Diet and exercise are crucial to treating diabetes at any age. In addition, doctors will typically form a treatment that includes medication and a suggestion for a new diet. It can all seem overwhelming at first but building a routine will effectively lead you on the road to success. Certified nurse assistants are being frequently contacted to aide as caregivers in assisting households. These certified home health aides can provide a personalized routine for you and your family. In addition, they can keep track of medication, assist with transportation and assist with any non-medical home care needs.

A-1 Home Care prides itself in establishing relationships between professional caregivers and clients. We assist in finding a caregiver that will not only be a great deal of help to your family but also compatible in every way. Our certified nurse assistants are CPR certified, first aid trained and have worked as hospital sitters in various hospitals such as USC University Hospital, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, and Garfield Medical Center. They are committed to providing the best non-medical care they can offer.

A-1 Home Care services Los Angeles communities such as La Cañada, Northridge, Pasadena, Glendale and Burbank. We provide 24-hour home care and hourly care depending on your needs. If you would like more information about our friendly caregivers and what we can offer you and your loved ones, please give us a call at (310) 657-8780 or (562) 929-8400 or visit our website at

After Surgery Care in La Canada is Reliable and Affordable


Surgery can be quite costly, so sometimes those who recently undergo surgery don’t think that after surgery care is feasible or even necessary. However, to ensure a speedy recovery, it’s important for patients, who have recently had surgery, to receive the care they need even after they leave the hospital. After surgery, patients will need to rest to recover, but if they have errands to run, meals to prepare, and or housecleaning to do, it may be difficult for them to receive the required rest. A-1 Home Care is stepping in with professional personal care assistants who can provide exceptional after surgery care at an affordable rate.

Whether hourly or live-in care is needed and whether the patient has undergone surgery for hip fracture, knee replacement, cancer, incontinence, or cosmetic surgery, our care providers can assist with a variety of care. They can assist with meal preparation, maintaining a clean incision area at all times, personal hygiene, bathing, toileting, and exercise. A-1 Home Care has been serving the city of La Canada and all throughout Los Angeles County since 1991, and all of our care providers are CPR certified, TB tested, and Live Scan approved.

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The Benefits of Live-In Care for Dementia Patients in La Canada Los Angeles

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If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Dementia, many questions can arise such as how will this effect their lifestyle? What kind of options do we have for care? What are the costs? What are the benefits? Is is affordable? Where do I start?

When you consider some of the symptoms of Dementia such as memory loss and mental confusion, it just makes sense to consider home care as the most beneficial option for care.

Why home care?

If it comes down to deciding between moving to a facility or staying in the comfort and familiarity of their home, generally one would prefer to remain in one’s own home. Home is a place where many memories have been created and the location of things such as furniture, restrooms, even the light switches are all familiar to the resident. With dementia activities of daily living become more difficult, which is why being in a familiar environment can ease the transition of lifestyle. Additionally friends and family can easily come to visit and are close by. Home care is affordable, personal, and is made to fit the needs of the patient.

A-1 Home Care Agency has been serving the city of La Canada in Los Angeles and it’s surrounding regions such as Glendale, Pasadena, Altadena, Beverly Hills, Burbank, and even Orange County for over 25 years provide experienced personal care assistants, who are compassionate, personable, and hard-working. You’ll have peace of mind when you received care from A-1 Home Care. Our CNAs, CHHAs, and personal care assistants provide a variety of care from personal care, hygiene management, grooming, getting dressed, meal prep, supervise with medications, laundry, light housecleaning, and running errands.

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After Surgery Care in La Canada

When an elderly patient has undergone surgery due to hip fracture, knee replacement, cancer, incontinence, or cosmetic surgery, it’s crucial that they receive the right care during the period of recuperation. At A-1 Home Care, caregivers are experienced in assisting patients after surgery and can provide any and all levels of care needed. Maybe your loved one is experiencing postoperative cognitive dysfunction, in which they have a decline in their cognitive function for a certain period of time after surgery making even basic tasks more difficult to perform.

It’s important that your loved one is relaxed and gets plenty of rest after surgery to ensure a quick recovery. At A-1 Home care our caregivers, nurse aides, companions, and home helpers are compassionate and ready to provide your loved one with total or partial care hourly or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our caregivers can assist with meal preparation, personal hygiene, incontinence care, running errands, and much more.

Call us at A-1 Home Care today for service in La Canada, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and throughout Los Angeles County at 818-980-0094 or 562-929-8400 or check us out on Facebook!

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A New Form of Exercise in La Canada for the New Year

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In society, seniors are becoming less and less active, fearing the potential risks of injury. Nonetheless, there has been an elevated popularity in a new exercising approach that doesn’t take place on land. Water aerobics has become a beneficial exercise plan especially among the elderly. Due to the buoyancy, the water can carry up to 90 percent of your body weight and increase circulation to allow lubrication and cushioning for delicate joints which is great for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. However, being in the water doesn’t mean a lighter exercise. In fact, the density creates a resistance to work the muscles and can burn twice as many calories than being on land. While at initial thought the amount of water exercises may seem limited, in reality, there are plenty of new and different exercises being adapted for water.

Exercising is a necessity especially for those in late-adulthood. Limiting yourself in exercise may limit your independence in the future. For those that experience difficulty in keeping up with daily routines and need assistance, A-1 Home Care in La Canada can lend a helping hand. Since 1991, we are dedicated in providing qualified and compassionate caregivers. Our services extend from 24 hour live in care to companion care to. In addition, we also offer services like Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Post Surgery Care, Incontinence Care, and other elderly care services.  We help patients throughout South California and can be found in San Marino, Pasadena, and Altadena. go ahead ans just have

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