Global Warming and Kidneys: What’s the Connection?

a-1 home care cancer care rolling hillsWith all the talk about the Greenhouse Effect, climate change, and environmental pollutants, would you have ever thought that global warming would affect your kidneys?  Probably not in a million years.  However, in view of the Earth’s changing climate in recent decades, researchers say that the planet’s warmer temperatures and increasing levels of air pollution are big contributors to kidney failure, based on reports from analyses of climate trends.  You don’t need to be gold-mining in the depths of the Earth to be exposed to environmental pollutants; it’s all around you, in the air you breathe, especially if you live in congested cities in Los Angeles County.  Toxic exposure to environmental pollutants is one of the major causes for renal failure.

Disease in the Air We Breathe

Whether you are healthy or not, the toxins you inhale contain bacteria and viruses that increase your chances for heart attack, lung disease, and respiratory problems, not to mention triggering the onset or progression of chronic kidney disease, ultimately leading to renal failure, a condition in which one or both kidneys lose the ability to filter waste in the body.  The build-up of toxins in the body is such that it damages the kidney and will require extensive treatment like dialysis to prevent damage to other vital organs in the body.  When kidneys shut down, the person experiences fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, nausea and cognitive impairment, just to name a few symptoms.  Depending on the stage of kidney disease, patients may need part-time or full-time live-in home care assistance with cooking, cleaning, bathing, grooming, personal care, transportation and more.

24-Hour Kidney Care at Affordable Rates

A-1 Home Care has become La Canada’s preferred home care agency for many reasons.  High quality senior care, kidney care, cancer care, arthritis care, Parkinson’s care, Alzheimer’s care and many other types of in-home care services are available at affordable rates.  Families of all income levels can enjoy superior 24-hour services without breaking the bank, thanks to A-1 Home Care’s easy financing options.  Our care managers help you develop a kidney care plan based on your budget, needs, and availability.  We are a licensed, bonded and insured agency dedicated to senior care, safety and protection.

To hire a caregiver today, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit for services in La Canada Flintridge, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Glendora, Covina, Duarte, Sierra Madre, and other surrounding areas.

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What’s Faster than First Responders for Stroke Patients? 24-Hour In-Home Care!

????????????????????????????????????????If you have an elderly loved one who is at high risk for stroke, you will save his life if you hire a 24-hour in-home caregiver.  The importance of recognizing stroke signs is crucial prior to calling 911.  Your loved one might not recognize signs if he is having a stroke, but an experienced live-in caregiver will call an ambulance as soon as she notices symptoms like weakness in one side of the body, face drooping, numbness or slurred speech.  If the senior lives from La Canada or other cities where there’s a hospital, it may be too late by the time first responders arrive on the scene.  Minimize long-term effects of stroke by having a live-in caregiver for round-the-clock supervision.  It could be the difference between life and death for your elderly loved ones.


Affordable Stroke Care Promotes Independent Living at Home

After returning home from the hospital, seniors will want to resume normalcy as much as possible.  A-1 Home Care in La Canada provides part-time and full-time 24-hour support for stroke patients.  This provides much relief to family members who cannot be present during the day or night due to work and family responsibilities.  If you have your own health conditions that make it difficult to care for your elderly loved ones, you can count on a capable, seasoned and compassionate caregiver to assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, chores, transportation to rehabilitative appointments and medical check-ups, and toileting care.

About A-1 Home Care

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency providing non-medical services to seniors in La Canada and all over Los Angeles County.  You and your elderly loved ones can enjoy 24-hour senior care at affordable prices; talk to our care managers about setting up an elder care plan that fits your budget, availability and needs.  Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has improved the quality of life for countless seniors, making it the leading home care agency in Southern California.  We partner with local hospitals in your area and work with multidisciplinary teams to optimize recovery and wellness for communities everywhere.  You can finance affordable senior care with our reasonable rates or go through long-term care insurance and veteran benefits.


For quality stroke care, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit for more information about services in your area.  In-home care is available in La Canada, Pasadena, Glendora, Burbank, Arcadia, Glendale, Azusa, Sierra Madre and surrounding cities.

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La Canada In-Home Care Removes Awkward Incontinence Moments

a-1 home care cancer care rolling hillsNursing homes are the last resort for seniors, but heavy incontinence is usually the biggest factor for family members when deciding to allow their elderly loved one to stay home or move them into a convalescent home.  Changing adult diapers, washing increasingly large loads of laundry, adjusting to embarrassing and awkward moments with one’s parent – all of these can be a bit overwhelming for the family care providers, especially if they have their own set of physical health issues.  A-1 Home Care in La Canada Flintridge gives you the best of both worlds:  tender, competent compassionate 24-hour elder care and relief for you, the family caregiver.


No more laundry chores.  Full 8-hour uninterrupted sleep.  Less stress.  More Freedom.  Round-the-clock caregiver services from A-1 Home Care in La Canada Flintridge offers you all this while caring for your aging loved one.  With years of experience, seasoned caregivers can gauge your loved one’s incontinence needs, frequency of diaper change, and comfort levels.  They know how to calm down an agitated senior when she resists using pads or adult diapers; the caregiver’s comforting tone of voice will successfully persuade your loved one to try the incontinence product.  In-home care not only covers incontinence care but also includes assistance with cooking, house chores, transportation, bathing, hygiene and grooming.


With A-1 Home Care’s team of caregivers and care managers, you are not alone.  Ask us about our easy financing options.  You can finance live-in care with reasonable payment plans and terms; A-1 Home Care accepts Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance providers such as John Hancock, MetLife Insurance, Penn Treaty, and CALPERS.  There will never be a day when you don’t get in-home support because our operators are on stand-by 24 hours a day to respond to your needs.  We believe in connecting you to a live operator, not a machine.  You’ll be pleased to see how quickly we deliver exceptional elder care.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been the leading provider in elder care, serving seniors in La Canada Flintridge, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Altadena, Sierra Madre, and other cities in the surrounding areas.


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La Canada Home Care: Should You Still Care?

Sad older womanParent-child strife oftentimes doesn’t start when the child is already grown up.  Deep bitter roots start long before the parent grows old, and when the adult child comes to an age when elder care is on the horizon, the adult son or daughter may ask oneself, “Should I still care for my aging mother or father even though I’ve been mistreated all these years?”  Who dictates what is or isn’t right?  Regardless of whether you ascribe to a certain religion or spiritual creed, scientific research supports that holding resentment in your heart does more damage to you than the one whom you begrudge.  Forgiveness is a powerful thing, but it doesn’t mean you have to be around the aging family member.  You can still carry on the good deed by hiring a caregiver and helping from a distance instead of subjecting yourself to a toxic environment in which you become the caregiver yourself.  A-1 Home Care in La Canada brings families together and provides amazing elder care that not only brings relief but healing as well.


Have you ever noticed that your parent may be nicer when strangers around but when you’re alone with them, it’s a different scenario?  Having a professional Alzheimer’s caregiver who is used to witnessing family strife and calming seniors with strategic techniques may improve your relationship with your parent.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to bring out the best in everybody.  A-1 Home Care’s certified nurse aides are not only skilled with senior care but they possess excellent people skills as well.  Over the years, our caregivers in La Canada and surrounding cities have been such delightful companion care aides and adept workers that they have won the loyalty of their elderly care recipients and the respect of the whole family, thus naturally prompting our returning clients to recommend A-1 Home Care to other friends and relatives.


A-1 Home Care in La Canada was established in 1991 as a licensed, bonded and insured agency, and for 24 years we’ve been protecting and serving seniors thanks to our pool of culturally diverse, highly skilled caregivers, certified home health aides, certified nurse aides, and hospice care aides.  The standard in-home care package includes light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, bathing, grooming, hygiene, companionship, and medication monitoring.  Each caregiver is thoroughly prescreened using a national criminal background check system.  All professional references are verified, and customer service is 100% guaranteed.  We are open 365 days a year, including major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  Lend a helping hand and let A-1 Home Care be here for you.


For a free consultation, call A-1 Home Care today (310) 657-8780 or visit for more information.  Caregiver services are also available in Altadena, Pasadena, Burbank, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Sierra Madre.

Types of Caregivers You Can Hire

a-1 home care altadena elder care

You don’t go see a dentist for your headaches, so why have an “one size fit all” type of care like many nursing homes have for seniors. Many seniors are avoiding the nursing facilities because they wish to remain comfortable at home while being independent.  The in home care option is growing in popularity,  and there are different types of caregivers to choose form in order to best fit the individual needs of the senior.

If the senior is relatively healthy, but might be dangerous for them to do some of the household chores, running errands, and other daily tasks, then a senior companion/home assistant is perfect for their needs.  However, if a senior is experience more serious ailments, including difficulty walking, bathing, or other routine and daily living activities, then a personal care assistant or caregiver can provide the assistance in these areas.  Home health aides or certified nurse aides (CNA) are unskilled health aides who does not have the skills of a nurse, but they are trained to take vital signs, non-sterile would care, range of motion exercise, and can administer pre-dosed and pre-measured medication for the senior.

Whether it is a senior companion or certified nurse aides, in home caregivers allow loved ones and legal guardians can customize a long term care plan.   A-1 Home Care in La Canada understands what it takes to provide quality in home care service with our dedicated caregivers, senior companions, certified nurse aides, and other professionals.  We put of effort in customizing each service, providing the most personalized and attentive service that covers Alzheimer’s Care,Parkinson CareArthritis Care, Kidney Disease Care, Diabetic Care, Post Surgery Care, Brain Injury Care, Incontinence Care, and other in home care services.   Each caregivers we provide are required to have at least 2 years of experience, CPR certification, TB clearance, and National Criminal background checked. You can find our service around the Pasadena area  in Arcadia, Temple City, Altadena, Glendora, Monrovia, San Marino, Sierra Madre, and surrounding communities in San Gabriel Valley.

To find your caregiver, be sure to call 818-980-0094 to speak with one of our representatives. Please visit for more information and find us on our Facebook page!

We cater to clients from all backgrounds and, in turn, also recruit caregivers from all sorts of backgrounds, such as Asian backgrounds, as well as Jewish and Middle Eastern.



Caregiver Service in La Canada for the Holidays

24 hour care in malibu a1 home care

Back pain affects 4 in 5 people in America at some point in their lives.  Back pains can be minor problem for certain people, but it can also be quite an annoyance for some.  It can happen in the lower, middle, or upper back side, caused by different issues from nerve and muscle problems, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and other problems.  Many take pain killers or other pain medications in order to relieve symptoms of back pain, but there are definitely alternative treatments that are effective in dealing with this widespread problem.  In Home Caregiver service are sometimes provided for those whose back pain is so severe, that it affects their mobility and day to day life.

A-1 Home Care in La Canada has quality and reliable caregiver service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offering services such as Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Post Stroke Care, and much more.  If you have aging parents needing a in home caregiver, certified nurse aides, senior companion, or hospital sitter, and live in the area of La Canada, Altadena, Burbank, Studio City, Pasadena, San Marino, and other cities in Los Angeles and Orange County, ask us about our caregiver service today!

Our number is 818-980-0094, or you can visit La Canada In Home Care for more information.

A New Form of Exercise in La Canada for the New Year

a-1 home care eldercare temple city

In society, seniors are becoming less and less active, fearing the potential risks of injury. Nonetheless, there has been an elevated popularity in a new exercising approach that doesn’t take place on land. Water aerobics has become a beneficial exercise plan especially among the elderly. Due to the buoyancy, the water can carry up to 90 percent of your body weight and increase circulation to allow lubrication and cushioning for delicate joints which is great for those suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis. However, being in the water doesn’t mean a lighter exercise. In fact, the density creates a resistance to work the muscles and can burn twice as many calories than being on land. While at initial thought the amount of water exercises may seem limited, in reality, there are plenty of new and different exercises being adapted for water.

Exercising is a necessity especially for those in late-adulthood. Limiting yourself in exercise may limit your independence in the future. For those that experience difficulty in keeping up with daily routines and need assistance, A-1 Home Care in La Canada can lend a helping hand. Since 1991, we are dedicated in providing qualified and compassionate caregivers. Our services extend from 24 hour live in care to companion care to. In addition, we also offer services like Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Post Surgery Care, Incontinence Care, and other elderly care services.  We help patients throughout South California and can be found in San Marino, Pasadena, and Altadena. go ahead ans just have

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